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Motivated to inspire, ready for the workload, smiling 'cause it's fun (at least for us, anyway). Let's get to work.

We help create wonderful business environments for organizations and offer great environments for our candidates and employees
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We take pride in the candidates who represent us and are proud to satisfy the needs of our clients.
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A diverse and inclusive workforce is a competitive advantage in the race for talent and market share. It expands a company’s base of knowledge, skills, and understanding.
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Lives have flows have been disrupted along with the traditional office workplace. If you want to think differently, why limit your company to hiring local skilled talent.
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Providing meaningful and rewarding careers that not only makes a difference in people’s lives...but your own.

what we do

Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Koger LLC, started in 2013 as a specialist recruitment company serving all over the world. We’re always looking for ambitious, dedicated, and hard-working people to join our team.


Our recruitment consultants work hard every day to create lasting career connections between outstanding professionals and thriving businesses.

Vivian Koger

Being a part of a mission that is bigger than yourself with work that inspires can be life-defining. Bridging both commercial and public sectors, we bring together a collective of brilliant minds that advance conventional thinking to deliver innovative solutions with powerful results.


Co Founder and CEO